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This is where I talk about myself and stuff like that.

Well, what can I tell about myself? I'm Patrick Hunt, hobbyist music composer and sound designer, cinematic artist and the great procrastinator from Russia, hiding behind an artistic pseudonym and making all sorts of noises.

It all started in 2008 when I first connected to the internet and got interested in machinima and video editing. It was at that time when I realized that I could bring many ideas of mine to life through small action packed clips made using various game engines.

In 2009 I've come to conclusion that I'd like to start making my own music and sound design rather than relying on sounds captured in-game. So I started learning about home music production and mixing. From simple loops to serious sampling and synth exploitation, I've come a long way to start writing my own soundtracks and original compositions.

In 2017 I've made a decision to quit making Source Filmmaker videos in favor of video game research and developement. Hopefully I'll have something to share by 2020. ;)

If you'd like to know on which projects I've worked on besides my own ones then check out the "Work" page which contains all of my works in music and sound design.

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