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Documents: Combat Drugs

Thugs, drug addicts, mobsters, killers - everyone goes to The Building when they need shelter. If they have money, of course...

Final episode of the Documents trilogy featuring more action and more dialogs.


Huge thanks to MGH Animation for additional motion capture and modeling done.

Patricia Hunt voiced by Kungfubellydancer
Mika Valmont voiced by Evil Witch
Russian Bandit 1 voiced by Sergey "Dark_Hd" Myasnikov
Russian Bandit 2 voiced by Ilya Skl
Henry Gregson voiced by Mr. Cloud
Andrew Klosterman voiced by MechaFourth
Detective Winters voiced by Sam Spielberg
Doctor Krankheit voiced by Damon "Internetianer" Kropp
Police officer with megaphone voiced by SkywardFlame
Mobster 1 voiced by Musetrigger
Mobster 3 voiced by Double-O-Zeven
Mobster 4 voiced by universetwisters
Mobster 5 voiced by Vortex
Mobster 6 voiced by James Karet
Unused voice clips by MareFoxyQawz

Additional voice clips are taken from Battlefield: Hardline. © Electronic Arts 2015


Created using the Source Filmmaker. © Valve 2016

© 2018 Patrick Hunt - All Rights Reserved.