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Documents: The Hit

Dmitri was a smart man from the old country, but his greedy behavior was his main problem. Once upon a time he finally managed to get arrested and sent to jail, but even there he bribed everyone for comfortable life behind the bars. Unfortunately, he could never predict what will happen on the road to prison.

Wicked showdown between two enemies from the old country in the second episode of the "Documents" series.


Huge thanks to Kotuha for porting HD cars by OnePiece from GTA III to SFM.

Police/SWAT dialogs voiced by Mr. Cloud
Dmitri voiced by Paul Clayenese
Flashback voice acting by Evil Witch

Additional voice clips are taken from Battlefield: Hardline. © Electronic Arts 2015


Created using the Source Filmmaker. © Valve 2015

© 2018 Patrick Hunt - All Rights Reserved.