Sound Mods

A series of audio enhancement mods created for sound design practice and skill improvement.


Weapons SFX Reimagined


This mod replaces weapons sounds with more powerful and realistic ones created from scratch. This includes all firearms, melee weapons and both normal explosion and the welder explosion. Enemy gunshots are also replaced. Sickles sounds were based off original ones and are simply enhanced.

Reworked Weapons SFX


This mod brings an array of reworked sound effects for all firearms, explosives and the crowbar. Experimental weapons were left untouched due to their now iconic sounds. All sounds were mixed and downsampled to 22500hz to blend in with the overall audio palette.
High Definition pack is also supported.

Half-Life 2

Modern Weapons SFX

Half-Life 2

I've always supported the concept of gun sounds representing the firepower. So I reworked and rebuilt from scratch almost all gun sounds, including gun handling, to bring them up to modern standards. This mod also brings new sound effects for the airboat gun and the attack helicopter.

Modern Firearms SFX

Left 4 Dead 2

This mod replaces all of the firearms sound effects with properly mixed modern ones. Gunshots were redesigned from scratch while gun handling sounds were simply remixed and 'modernized' to go easier on ears. Melee weapons and various equipement sounds were left  untouched.

Left 4 Dead 2



The main purpose of these mods is to refresh and remix gun sounds as well as fix some timing issues and bring the sense of the actual firepower the player is wielding.


These sound mods were made from scratch using various audio libraries as well as private recordings. My best friends in this journey were Audiacity and RX 7, various compressors, limiters and EQs. No sound was left naked.

Why didn't you rework the * sound?

Some sounds are commonly considered iconic, so these were either left untouched or slightly enhanced. Some sounds are just as good as they are and do not require any reworks. Those were also either left untouched or enhanced.

In case of 'Modern Firearms SFX' mod for Left 4 Dead 2 I didn't rework melee weapons and equipement as well as gun handling sounds because that would be a lot of work and would take a lot of resources. So gun handling sounds were simply remixed.

I'm making a mod. Can I include some of the sounds from your mods?

Sure, as long as it's free.

I'm making a commercial game. Can I use sounds from your mods?

Unfortunately not. However you can just hire me for your project and I'll produce new custom sound effects for you. My e-mail is :)